2016-07-03 Open garden and potluck party

Manereia celebrate his 53 birthday 3 July with open house and potluck party for Yogis, Angels, Healers and Light-workers in his garden.

We will be out doors in the lovely garden and in the barn if the weather is bad. Vegetarian food.

Prelinimary program
12:00-14:30 Lunch mingle and spontaneous happenings in the garden
14:30 Guided meditation with Manereia
15:30 Hang around
16:30 Yoga with Ernesto
17:30 Hang around and eating
19:00 Kirtan with Sven Kihlström and Manereia (Contributions to the music welcome)

Come when you like during the day

Potluck party
If you like, bring some vegetarian food or snacks. The house will fill up what's missing.You don't need to bring anything.

Please no gifts expect from wild flowers that you picked by your self or contributions to Manjushree orphange school in north east India.

Alcohol and drug free.

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