Bhakti Puja

Welcome to Bhakti Puja with Manereia.

We sit in front of the Altar meditating, singing mantras and offering flowers to the Divine. We practice thankfulness - we drink the nectar of the Divine - we remember who we are.

We will be in the Projekt SOL barn, Vxj.

A notify (by mail, sms or FB) is appreciated if you plan to attend, but not necessary. Free of charge, collections to Tibetan school in India. Bring your heart, a blanket and something to sit on.

Possible to stay for breakfast afterwards. Below the planned dates are listed (and will be filled with more dates subsequently).

Dates and time for Puja;

5 September 2019 07:45-08:30 (confirmed)
12 September 2019 07:45-08:30 (confirmed)
19 September 2019 07:45-08:30 (confirmed)
26 September 2019 07:45-08:30 (confirmed)

17 October 2019 07:45-08:30 (confirmed)

28 November 2019 07:45-08:30 (confirmed)

5 December 2019 07:45-08:30 (confirmed)
12 December 2019 07:45-08:30 (confirmed)
19 December 2019 07:45-08:30 (confirmed)

Midwinter Puja Sunday 22 December (see separate program)

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