15-18 March 2018

During ashram-like conditions, we meet and work with our inner transformation with focus on Bhakti and opening of the heart.

Preliminiary program;

Thursday 15 March
16:00-19:00 Arriving time and food
19:00 Welcome meeting

Friday 16 March - Initiation day
06:30 Puja
07:30 Yoga (teacher to be annonced)
09:00 Breakfast
11:00 Initiation (say yes to your Transformation) (Manereia)
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Direct pointing meditation (Joakim)
17:00 Bhakti yoga
19:00 Dinner

Saturday 17 March - Healing day
06:30 Puja
07:30 Yoga (teacher to be annonced)
09:00 Breakfast
11:00 Bhakti meeting and Sharing (Manereia)
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Healing works (Manereia)
19:00 Dinner

Sunday 18 March - Grounding day
06:30 Puja
07:30 Yoga (teacher to be annonced)
09:00 Breakfast
11:00 Bhakti yoga and ending ceremoni (Manereia)
14:00 End
Seva and left over food. Feel free to stay the rest of the day and help to clean up the house.

JOAKIM: Joakim Eneroth is an experienced meditation teacher, he has over 20 years of practicing experiences and received meditation instructions from multiple Buddhist traditions. His intention is to bring a secular entrance to insight practice to become more readily available and applicable to people in the western culture.
MANEREIA: Manereia Sol channels strong healing power from the universe and assist the ascension of humanity and earth to higher dimensions. Manereia mainly teach by sharing his vibration during his presence in the activities at the camp. Click here for more information about Manereia
More teachers to be annonced.

Experience from regular yoga or meditation practises is required. The camp is a little bit demanding and you are supposed to be in good mental health and without any current mental illness. Please follow and read the links Transformation Yoga and Manereia before you apply and make sure that you are well aware of what kind of work we are doing. The camp don't suits all, you need to dare to let go of your "things and thoughts" to take part of the Transformation.

  • We are located in the Project SOL's premises outside Vxj.
  • We sleep on the floors inside the barn or tent in the garden. Please bring your own gear.
  • Vegetarian food included and we cook together.
  • All Projekt SOL activities are alcohol and drug free.
  • Pickup / drop off at Vxj Railway Station can be arranged (SEK50 per ride and person) (find train tickets at
  • Pickup / drop off at Vxj Airport can be arranged (SEK100 per ride and person) (find air tickets Stockholm-Vxj at

  • SEK2000 if you apply and pay latest 25 February then SEK2400.
  • Price includes food and accommodation on floor or tent space.
  • Add SEK500 for an indoor bed in two beds room inside the house, limited amount of beds available.
  • Add SEK100 for a mattress with bedding to use on the floor, limited amount of mattress available.
  • Apply by mail, after approval reserve your place by down payment of 500 SEK on bank giro 636-5621. No refund.
  • Final payment at arrival in chash.
  • Group size 4-12 people, apply in time to get a place.

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