During ashram-like conditions, we meet and work with our inner transformation.

Full program to be posted mid March

Start: Thursday 25 April 19:00
End: Sunday 28 April 14:00

Confirmed Teachers
SANDY: Ekongkar Sandy Deva Sol is in the process of moving to portugal, loves bhakti and is teaching and living kundalini yoga and karamkriya. She shares the wisdom from both traditions, that can free the soul and fully open and strengthening the heart to live a life full of joy, happiness, inner peace and purpose for ourselves and the whole world.
JOAKIM: Joakim Eneroth is an experienced meditation teacher, he has over 20 years of practicing experiences and received meditation instructions from multiple Buddhist traditions. His intention is to bring a secular entrance to insight practice to become more readily available and applicable to people in the western culture.
ROGER: Roger Orwn is inspired by the greater energy and lifeforce that is around us. He gives Shamanic healing and drum travels. He has a long meditation practice from the Buddhist tradition and channels spirits of the nature to help us grow on our path.
MANEREIA: Manereia Hanuman channels strong healing power from the universe and assist the ascension of humanity and earth to higher dimensions. Manereia teach and share higher insights to the participants and increase them to a higher vibrational level. This happens just by being close to Manereia and his increased energy state. Click here for more information about Manereia.

Experience from regular yoga or meditation practises is required. The camp is for you how are ready to dive deeper into yourself and you are supposed to be in good mental health and without any current mental illness to participate. Please follow and read the links Transformation Yoga and Manereia before you apply and make sure that you are well aware of what kind of work we are doing.

  • We are located in the Project SOL's premises outside Vxj.
  • You can rent a bed in the house or sleep on the floors inside the barn or in the house. It is also possible to tent in the garden.
  • Vegetarian food included and we cook together.
  • All Projekt SOL activities are alcohol and drug free.
  • Excellent train connections from Copenhagen airport (CPH) to Vxj (find train tickets at or or
  • Pickup / drop off at Vxj Railway Station can be arranged (SEK50 per ride and person)
  • Air connections to Vxj Airport (VXO); Stockholm-Vxj and Berlin-Vxj at Amsterdam-Vxj at
  • Pickup / drop off at Vxj Airport can be arranged (SEK100 per ride and person)

    Cost and application
  • SEK2000 if you apply and pay latest 10 April then SEK2500.
  • Price includes food and accommodation on floor or tent space. Bring your own gear.
  • Apply by mail, after approval reserve your place by payment of 500 SEK on bank giro 636-5621. No refund.
  • Final payment at arrival in cash.
  • Group size 7-15 people, apply in time to get a place.

    Accommodation upgrade alternatives
  • Indoor bed with bedding and sheets in shared 2-3 beds rooms inside the house, 600SEK/bed. (limited amount of beds available)
  • Mattress with bedding and sheets to use on the floor, 200SEK.
  • Comute and arrange your own hostel or hotel accomodation in Vxj area

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