During ashram-like conditions, we meet and work with our inner transformation.
Start: Sunday 3 July 19:00
End: Thursday 7 July 11:30

The camp start with Kirtan 3:d July 19:00. Welcome to attend the open house party 3:d July before the Kirtan.

Preliminary Program

Sunday 3 July
12:00-19:00 Arriving time / open house party
19:00 Kirtan - (Indian mantra singing with harmonium) (starting point of the camp)

Monday 4 July - Initiation day
07:00 Puja
08:00 Hatha yoga
09:30 Breakfast
11:00 Welcome meeting - Initiation (Manereia)
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Direct pointing meditation - step 1. (Joakim)
17:00 Transformation yoga (Manereia)
19:00 Dinner
21:00 Mantra chanting

Tuesday 5 July - Healing day
07:00 Puja
08:00 Energy yoga (Manereia)
09:30 Breakfast
11:00 Direct pointing meditation - step 2. (Joakim)
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Healing works (Manereia)
19:00 Dinner

Wedensday 6 July - Stillnes day (day in silence)
07:00 Puja
08:00 Meditation yoga (Manereia)
09:30 Breakfast
11:00 Sharing
11:30 Chanelled messages (Susanna)
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Direct pointing meditation - step 3. (Joakim)
17:00 Bliss meditation (Manereia)
19:00 Dinner
21:00 Stillness at camp fire

Thursday 7 July - Ending/grounding day
07:00 Puja
08:00 Grounding yoga (Manereia)
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Closing ceremony and sharing
11:30 End

Thursday 7 July - Friday 8 July - Hang in the garden
Feel free to stay both Thursday and Friday after the camp to just hang around and ground your self. Maybe contribute with some garden works or carpeting on the barn.

JOAKIM: Joakim Eneroth is an experienced meditation teacher, he has over 20 years of practicing experiences and received meditation instructions from multiple Buddhist traditions. His intention is to bring a secular entrance to insight practice to become more readily available and applicable to people in the western culture.
SUSANNA: Susanna Thelin Schmidt is highly medial and works professionally with healing, direct channelled messages, soul therapy and much more. Susanna will convey messages from beyond to the camp. For more information about Susanna look at
MANEREIA: Manereia Sol channels strong healing power from the universe and assist the ascension of humanity and earth to higher dimensions. Click here for more information about Manereia

About transformation yoga
Transformation Yoga

Requirements Experience from regular yoga or meditation practises is required. The camp is quite demanding and you are supposed to be in good mental health and without any current mental illness.

We are located in the Project SOL's premises outside Vxj.
We sleep on the floors inside the barn or tent in the garden. Please bring your own gear.
Vegetarian food included and we cook togheter.
All Projekt SOL activities are alcohol and drug free.
Pickup / drop off at Vxj Station can be arranged.

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