I felt in love with God. After some months of love dance with God my Kundalini arose. I had never heard about Kundalini before and start search on internet. After a few weeks I stop read everything about Kundalini on internet since so many things there scared me. I understood that to be afraid is the most dangerous thing that can happen when the fire is ignited. I realized that this was a gift from God and something to take great care of. So I isolated myself as much as possible from the outer world for several years at the country side of Sweden. I worked with taming the fire by Yoga and Mediation. I used Love to tame the fire, Love to God and Love to everything that exists. It was and still is a very though experience/process, both physically and mentally. I have written a book in Swedish about my experience.

Om Namha Shivaya

Tillbaka till Projekt Sol - Kundalinitransformationen