Manereia Hanuman

Manereia Hanuman is a Bhakti Yogi who channels strong Healing energy from the Universe that transforms both him and the surroundings. His mission on earth is to support Mother Earth and Humanity in the ongoing ascension process, sharing the energies with everyone who wants to receive.

Manereia loves to sit in front of an altar singing mantras or meditate. He prefers to be outdoor where the nature is his altar. He does not follow any specific path or tradition but loves them all. His central teaching is that Love has many names and it is the same force that flows in everyone and everything regardless what you call or express it.

Manereia was initiated directly by the Universe in 2007 when a lightening-containing crystal of white light deeply penetrated his chest. This, after falling in love in Mother Earth and the Universe. This transmission deeply transformed Manereia and released the Kundalini energy in his body. It then took about 7 years for Manereia to open up his body and chakra system to let the Kundalini energy safely reach the brain. Now the Kundalini energy constantly flows through his body, brain and nervous system connecting his body deeper and deeper to the source of the Universe.

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