You cannot save the world. The only one you can save is yourself; and that alone is how to save the world.

Allow yourself and your consciousness to transform to the state where everything is one, where we know that we all come from the same source and are different expressions of the same, common consciousness.

In TRANSFORMATION YOGA CAMPS, we meet at ashram-like conditions to work with our inner transformation. We make ourselves ready for the shift by cleaning out the old and saying yes to the new and unknown. We use the tools of Bhakti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Puja, Meditation, Mantra, Praying, Singing, Sharing, Energy works, Healing and Friendship. We share with each other and form a community for growth, integration, rejuvenation and rest.

Teachers who are friends and fellow travelers from different paths and traditions are invited to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Manereia teaches and shares higher insights with the participants and invites them to a higher vibrational level. This happens just by being close to Manereia in his increased energy state.

TRANSFORMATION YOGA CAMP is for you who know that yoga is more than physical exercises and postures, for you who want to take a step closer towards the reunion with your true self and the Divine. In this way, we create the new world from within. At TRANSFORMATION YOGA CAMP we meet regularly in small groups--at the moment 3 times per year in the countryside of Vxj, south Sweden. All meetings are drug and alcohol free. We live simply, cook and eat vegetarian food together.

Requirements: Experience from regular yoga or meditation practices is required. The camp is for you if you are ready to dive deeper into yourself and are in good mental health and without any current mental illness to be able to fully participate.

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