You cannot save the world. The only one you can save is yourself; and that alone is how you save the world.

The survival of humanity is threatened by its own greediness and incapability to love beyond the close ones. To save the situation, a leap in the development of human consciousness is necessary.

Project SOL is part of the rescue plan. Allow yourself and your consciousness to Transform to be able to create the new paradigm where humans love each other again. A time when we no longer distinguish nor abuse each other because we know that everything is united as One and what I cause others I also cause myself.

Project SOL’s vision is to gather a group of people who want to work with their inner Transformation. Together we do various exercises to let go of the old and invite the new. For instance: physical yoga, healing, singing, prayer, mantra chanting, Bhakti yoga, energy work and sharing.

TRANSFORMATION YOGA is for you who know that yoga is more than physical exercises and postures, for you who want to take a step closer towards the reunion with your true self and the Divine. In this way, we create the new world from within ourselves.

We gather in various ways, working with various tools. You decide in what way you want to work with your Transformation. Visit our events or co-create an intimate SOL-gathering where we meet regularly.

During every TRANSFORMATION YOGA gathering what needs to happen happens. The content formulates itself “spontaneously”. Our Guides make sure that we do whatever we need to do to allow what needs to happen to occur. Everybody contributes in the energy exchange and, thus, the transformation spreads both throughout the group and globally.

Welcome to join us and become a TRANSFORMATION YOGI.

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