Ordet Swadhyaya kom plötsligt och oanmält till mig en dag via telepati. Vad detta ord betydde visste jag inte då, men jag antog att det var mitt andliga namn som meddelades mig på detta sätt. Ett halvår senare fick jag till stor förvåning se detta ord i en bok om Ashtanga Yoga, en Yoga form som jag praktiserar. I ett av avsnitten i boken, beskrivande Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra och den åttafaldiga vägen mot upplysning, fanns detta ord beskrivet. Ordet är ett Sanskrit ord och betyder att söka inåt, att utveckla sig själv och öka sin förståelse om det undermedvetna vilket annars begränsar oss i att upptäcka vår verkliga potential som ligger dolt djupt inom oss själva. Vilken ”slump” att jag fått detta namn till mig just när mitt andliga sökande inåt hade börjat ta ordentlig fart.

Mitt sökande inåt fortsätter och där inne möter jag så småningom Gud. Nu börjar jag inse det storslagna med innebörden av att Gud finns i allt. Efter ytterligare ett halvår klarnar det vad Swadhyaya verkligen betyder för mig; ”Vägen till Gud”. Vilket vackert namn jag fått!

Följande text skriven av Shree Vasant Paranjape (källa http://www.agnihotrausa.net) beskriver Swadhyaya och min ärliga strävan, vilken i sanning inte är den enklaste. Vilket "sammanträffande" att ordet "Swadhyaya" plötsligt sändes till mig via telepati innan jag någonsin hört talas om det ett tag efter att ha slagit in på denna väg.


Swadhyaya is the fifth aspect of the Divinity, the Path of Light. If someone tells you to believe in a thing because the majority of people believe in it, say no. Majority of the people believed that the sun moved round the earth. Galileo said otherwise and he was right. If somebody asks you to believe in a thing because various religious scriptures mention it, say no. The scriptures may have been interpolated, the translations might have gone wrong, and thirdly the people who interpret them may be talking without experiencing the truth in them. Believe only what you experience. Say to yourself, "This is my experience of the Divinity. If some great prophet says similar things he must have had similar experience." This is the attitude of a scientist. This is Swadhyaya.

You like a sweet pie. You eat it and feel happy. If you have three more helpings you will cease to feel happy about it and you may even be repelled. You feel like watching TV. or playing pocket billiards. You do it and feel happy. If you do it for a few hours you would feel like going away from it. What you termed happiness a few minutes ago becomes a source of disturbance now. Find out whether happiness lies in the tongue when you eat the sweet pie. Does it lie somewhere else beyond the tongue? The search for this is Swadhyaya. You do not ask for misery and yet misery is a constant companion in life. You wish to be happy. However, you experience a gram of happiness followed by a ton of unhappiness. Whether you like it or not there will be sunrise at fixed intervals. The cosmic objects will rotate irrespective of your opinion. You are unable to influence their movements. This shows that there is some other WILL which keeps the universe going and it is higher than your own will. Can you attune yourself to that WILL? Search for this is Swadhyaya.

You try to find happiness through various objects. You see a beautiful dog and feel like patting him on the back. Then the dog bites you and you become miserable. You try to make use of things and persons as means for your happiness, but most of the time misery is your lot. This is everyday experience. Will the search for happiness through outside objects ever land us in bliss? Pondering over this is Swadhyaya.

You see some nice flowers, pick them, and keep them in a flower pot in your room. Then they fade. What gave you pleasure a few minutes ago fades out and you cannot keep it any longer. You have to throw it away. Is there anything which will always make you happy? Yes. It is the Light that shines within you and it is not dependent on anything outside. Search for this Light is the Divinity. This is Swadhyaya.

What is Karma (good action)? What is Akarma (bad action)? What is Vikarma (the specific allotted task of a person)? To know this is Swadhyaya.

To stick any formal religious label on yourself is not the goal of life. To become the devotee or disciple of any particular Guru is not the goal of life. Unfoldment of the Kingdom of Light within you is the goal of life. That Light is eternal Truth and "Truth shall make you free." This is the Divinity. This is Swadhyaya.

Eye is the organ of sight, ear the organ of hearing, and so on. The constitution of man is taken to be body, mind and intellect. Is there anything beyond this or pervading this? The physical sense organs bring their temptations. The psychic sight brings the occult temptations. Is there anything beyond this? This is Swadhyaya.

Every religionist claims that his window alone throws light on the Divinity. Religion as it is seen today and Divinity are two different things. Sometimes they conflict. Those who talk about proselytizing and conflict have not seen the depth of water through their window. The Fivefold Path will enable them to see the depth through their own window. The depth is Eternal Religion. When they get a glimpse of the depth view there is no conflict. It is TOTAL LOVE. True religion is the science of all sciences. Science is knowledge. "Knowing which nothing remains to be known" is true knowledge. "As in microcosm so in macrocosm." THAT "whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere" is Swadhyaya.

Sorrow and misery are concomitant to all life. Everyone feels the urge to get rid of that state of mind and enter into a state of bliss. When the urge is consolidated it is second birth in the physical body. This is the beginning of the pilgrimage on the Divinity, Path of Light. Complete cessation of misery while living in this world then becomes the ideal of life. This leads us to the examination of the attitudes of the mind. Then begins the mind training program, the program of "renewing" the mind and becoming transformed. The program offered in this book is the Fivefold Path. It is the essence of all Divine teachings that have been offered to humankind. The Fivefold Path is the oldest program for transformation by the renewal of the mind. It comes from the Vedas which literally means knowledge. The Fivefold Path is not a religion as Divinity is not a religion. To study the various "mind renewal" programs offered by prophets and scientists is Swadhyaya.

Is man merely a puppet in the hands of destiny? What is destiny? What is free will? How to develop the capacity to execute this free will to choose between good and bad Karma? The law of cause and effect in the physical realm when transposed to superphysical realm becomes the law of Karma, the law of reap as you SOW. Intense Karma, good or bad, fructifies within a short time. Repentance is intense good Karma. Do Karma without attachment to the fruit thereof. Manifestation of Grace is also an aspect of the law of Karma. There is no such thing as fatalism. It is only Karma Yoga, that is Yoga of Action. You make your own destiny. It is not given unto you what to see. However, it is given unto you how to see. This is Swadhyaya.

What is knowledge? What is wisdom? Wisdom shows the relationship between various facts gathered by the intellect. Without this relationship the facts may not be of much use in the journey towards the Divinity. Purity of mind ushers in wisdom. Agnihotra reduces your effort in this task as a "push" is given to subtler matter called mind. To know and experience it is Swadhyaya. Swadhyaya clarifies our perception of the universe. Better perception leads to better evaluation of the sensory data that goes in the computer of the brain. This culminates into right action. To understand this is Swadhyaya.

We have a desire. It becomes manifest as an attitude. By brooding over it, it gets stronger and becomes a propensity. A signal goes to the intellect to find out means for the gratification of the desire. Intellect searches for the means, wise or otherwise. This leads to action and momentary happiness. A person attributes this happiness to gratification of the desire and not the eradication of the desire. The desire is eradicated and puts no more burden on the mind. To know how the unmanifest desire culminates into visible action, to learn about the points where it could be checked is Swadhyaya. If you are unable to check it, at least learn to observe the mind when you follow the flow of desire and smile at yourself. This is also Swadhyaya.

"Keep the lamp of knowledge on the threshold of the tongue." Take care what goes in, that is food. Take care what goes out, that is speech. How does the food affect the mind? What are the factors involved? The journey of the seed that a farmer plants in his field ends up in your stomach. Being a living seed it is affected by the atmosphere and the thought patterns impinged on the atmosphere. This affects its qualitative value. Food builds up your body and the mind. Interplay of subtle energies becomes a part of it.

Similarly, every time you utter a word you have to breathe out through the mouth. Breathing out through the mouth exacts a heavy toll of mind energy. Hence, speech is called a sacred gift. Sometimes we hear it said, "Speech is silver, silence is golden." Anything that you utter affects the atmosphere. The intensity and potency of the utterance decide the cumulative effect. To know this is Swadhyaya.

You may live for a while without food but not without the air you breathe. The atmosphere is polluted in all ways. Noise pollution, factory pollution, water pollution, nuclear radiation, pollution due to thought patterns impinged on the atmosphere as a result of hatred, greed, scheming for destruction, all these affect the atmosphere. Purify the atmosphere to purify the mind. Purified mind creates its own blissful thought patterns. This is the science of Agnihotra, the smallest form of Yajnya that is purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire leading to purification of mind. We are trapped in the jaws of atmospheric pollution leading to more psychiatry, mental syndromes and the like. All this takes us away from LOVE.

The Divinity basically states, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Love is the be-all and end-all of our effort. On the Path of Light that is the Fivefold Path given through the Vedas, LOVE is the passport. Study of the science of Yajnya, its effect on Prana, its effect on the mind, on pathogenic bacteria, on the absorption of sun's rays by the water resources, the resultant nutrition to plant life due to the creation of some new substance in the atmosphere, all this forms part of Swadhyaya.

Happiness will elude you until the capering frolic of the mind is reduced. This leads to concentration, contemplation and meditation. Practice of meditation purifies the mind. Your will becomes a fitter instrument of the Omniscient higher Will. This is unfoldment of the Light within you. To practice this is Swadhyaya.

The attunement to higher Will, the removal of darkness that does not comprehend the Light, brings about contentment in life. It makes you a better person. You become a fitter instrument in the service of the fellow man. Then you remain in the world but you are not of the world. You experience fulfillment born of knowledge. There is no sense of wanting something and no burden on the mind. There is no alienation as you recognize that the Light within you is also the Light within your neighbor. You are free. This state cannot be described in words. It is "peace that passeth understanding." It makes you humble as a little child. It is total surrender to the Omniscient Will. You are free from the bonds of Karma. To know this is Swadhyaya.

The question whether you believe in God or not does not arise. It does not matter whether or not you believe in reincarnation. If the law of reincarnation exists, it is going to believe in you and operate. What does matter, however, is transforming yourself by the renewal of the mind. This is not escapism. It is clear thinking. It is liberation for you and service to mankind. This is Swadhyaya.

You find yourself in a deep valley due to the operation of the law of Karma, the law of "reap as you sow." Make use of the same law to cleanse yourself and to rise above. You have to commence making the effort. You take one step and the Light within you showers Grace by taking ten steps for you. This culminates into total surrender to that Light. This is bliss eternal. To know this is Swadhyaya.

The experience that the Light shines within you may come quite suddenly and may even surprise you when you are not expecting it. You find the treasure right within you. You find that the mind is under your control and the whole being is quieted. You feel a great merciful power has its spell on you. You feel you are that power. To know this is Swadhyaya.

Knowledge is of two kinds. The lower knowledge includes all scriptures, Vedas and other sciences. Higher knowledge can never be transmitted by word of mouth or by the written word. A high Master, SADGURU, takes control of your inner mind and plants the seed of knowledge. SADGURU is Love Incarnate. You have to approach such a one in a spirit of total surrender. How to find such a great one? Follow the Fivefold Path and automatically a link will come to you. When you are ready the Master appears and guides you further. GURU shows the way. SADGURU catches hold of your hand and guides you towards the goal. He connects you with the "unstruck music" (ANAHAT) of the universe. Your journey on the Divinity is made facile. To ponder over this is Swadhyaya.

"Skill in the Yoga Asanas (physical postures), breathing and the Kriya techniques is not the Divinity. To be able to direct the KUNDALINI in its upward route is not the Divinity. To be able to walk on water or fire is not the Divinity. Telepathy or telemetry is not the Divinity. To be able to stay buried underground for days together is not the Divinity. To influence solids to bend by thought projection is not the Divinity. To drink a bottle of acid without any apparent effect is not the Divinity. To be able to turn mercury into gold, water into milk is not the Divinity.

"To give syllogistically sound lengthy discourses on Almighty, soul, universe, love, consciousness is not the Divinity. To deliver sermons or to listen to sermons on the Vedas, Bible, Bhagavatgeeta, Dhammapada, Quran is not the Divinity. To recite daily excerpts from the books written by saints, seers or philosophers is not the Divinity. To don the ocher robes of a monk, a Swami, is not the Divinity. To bring oneself around a cluster of disciples is not the Divinity. To attend regularly places of worship is not the Divinity. To visit periodically the places of pilgrimage is not the Divinity. To be able to exorcise devils is not the Divinity. To be able to heal people is not the Divinity. To be able to read people's minds is not the Divinity. To prophesy is not the Divinity. To go into ecstasy when chanting mantras or reciting psalms is not the Divinity. To see visions is not the Divinity. To lead a scrupulous and ethical life is not the Divinity. To sacrifice your wealth in the service of the poor is not the Divinity. To arrange celebrations on Christmas, Krishna's birthday or Buddha's day of enlightenrnent (Bodhi) is not the Divinity. To promote institutions to teach meditation is not the Divinity.

It is strange but true that all the above are not the Divinity. It is hard to see that leading an ethical life, sacrificing wealth in the service of the poor, practicing physical Yoga, reading scriptures, and some other things mentioned above are not the Divinity. Certainly, some of these can form and do become means towards the Divinity, the Path of Light. However, there is an important rider attached to it. When you practice any of the above divorced from the basic concept of the `science of mind renewing' they can never become the Divinity. When you have the right knowledge and the right guidance of a Guru, your driving your auto to work, your taking the baby to the baby-sitter, your cooking food for the family, your work in the office or factory become the Divinity. This leads us to an important field of inquiry. What is the Divinity? Consider all the above in the light of what one saint stated: 'Service divided by ego is equal to devotion.' Any action done with self-centeredness around the personality leading to infatuation of ego takes us away from the Path of Light. Study of this is Swadhyaya."

When you say, "This is my house", you know that you are not the house. Similarly you say, "my body, my mind". Therefore, you are not the body or the mind. Which is that entity which says, "my body, my mind"? Search for this is Swadhyaya.

Swadhyaya knows no vacation. From every incident in life you learn. Liberation with a smile can be yours if you follow the Fivefold Path of Vedic wisdom. Divinity is the journey of joy and more joy. Even a little effort in this direction is never wasted. It is, "Be happy here and now."

by Shree Vasant Paranjape

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